Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set
Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set
Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set
Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set
Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set
Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set
Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set

Shakespeare "Double Deck" Playing Card Set

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    This boxed set includes 1 Quote deck and 1 Insults deck

    • Both Shakespeare decks in a decorative box
    • Perfect for playing Bridge
    • Full color portraits by Jan Padover
    This attractive double deck box features quotes from every play written by Shakespeare and clever and cutting insults by the Bard! Classical art adorns the cards, which are designed in the style of the English High Renaissance.

      Also available: Shakespeare "Quotes" HERE ... Shakespeare "Insults" HERE

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      Customer Reviews

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      Harry Wastrack
      Shakespeare Insult Playing Cards

      Please refer to Instagram, 52plusjoker.

      Nice Cards, Poor Packaging

      Very nice cards. Good printing and nice plastic finish. I expect they will last a long time.
      The printing is large enough for those with 'regular' eyesight. But if you are visually challenged, you will find the printing too small.
      A set of bridge cards typically comes in a plastic box for both decks. This is packaged in a cardboard box with each deck in its own cardboard box. The boxes for the individual decks are very tightly fitted and I expect them to tear or become frayed and unusable rather quickly.

      Michael Steuber
      Entertaining, Enchanting, Inspiring!

      These playing cards are wonderful! The illustrations are captivating, and the quotes, the quotes, the quotes! Do yourself a favor — buy the "Double Deck" Bridge Set, sit down and begin riffling through the cards. Then look up and see how much time has passed, while Shakespeare carried you away. I loved these cards so much I immediately bought the same double deck for my actor friend.

      And not only are the cards very cool, but so are the folks at Prospero Art. Rick and Jan's service is both prompt and genuine. Do yourself another favor and buy your cards directly from Prospero Art instead of Amazon. The entire experience with them has been delightful! Makes me want to keep coming back and buying whatever else they have.

      William Swales
      Shouldst thou wish to woo or curse then here is all a-plenty

      These magnificent poker-sized Shakespeare cards are amazing – as is the stunning artwork. With deeply penetrating proclamations from every play, what is also great is that the compliments and insults make for a great ‘trivia’ quiz – who said this (and to whom); what play is ‘this’ quote from; state the ‘put-down’ said to whom; etc. to give insight and credence into the devious and dubious characters and their prejudices and hidden agendas – which also offers a great ‘consolidation’ tool for those studying The Bard’.

      The backs too are exquisite, and as to the handling of the cards, the high-gloss finish enables easy elegant handling of the cards when shuffling and dealing.

      Five stars

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