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Prospero Art ~ The Fine Art of Playing Cards & Curios

Prospero Art started on a whim: "let's design a playing card deck!" The year was 2004 and we assumed that this first deck would be our last. When that first deck was completed, we were immediately inspired by an idea for another deck; and now, 22 decks (and many other items) later, we are as inspired as ever about Prospero Art's past, present, and future creations.

Our items are regularly featured in the New York Review of Books, sold at the Metropolitan, Houston and San Francisco Opera Houses, numerous Ballet boutiques, Shakespeare festivals, the Alice Shop in Oxford U.K. and the Jane Austen House in Bath U.K., to name just a few.

The acclaim and success Prospero Art has achieved has been a joy for us. It is always a pleasure sharing our creations with you.

With deepest regards,
Jan & Rick

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